It’s Time to Get Your A/C Ready for the Summer

The snow and ice are finally melting away and the air is beginning to warm and smell of summer. It’s time to get your air conditioner ready and make sure it’s ready to take on the warmer weather. While it’s nice to enjoy the springtime weather, open up the house and not be concerned with running a heater or air conditioner, this is the perfect time to contact your HVAC company in Southeastern Massachusetts and get a little preventative maintenance done on your A/C unit.

When you hire a professional technician to do an inspection and get your air conditioner ready for the summer months, you are ensuring that your unit is working as effectively and efficiently to cool your home when you need it. There’s nothing quite like experiencing that first hot day in July only to discover that your air conditioner doesn’t work.

Tips for Getting Your A/C Ready

Before you even contact your HVAC company, make sure to remove the cover from your outdoor A/C unit and clear the surrounding area. Over the fall and winter months, leaves and other debris tend to accumulate around the unit, which can cause problems the first time the intake is switched on. If you don’t have a preventative maintenance plan that includes an annual cleaning, consider hosing down the unit to clean the condenser coils of dirt, dust and airborne debris.

Speak with Columbus Energies about getting an A/C unit tune-up. Ask your representative what to expect from an annual tune-up. Services can include calibrating your thermostat, servicing and relacing and electrical components that were damaged during the winter, cleaning or replacing damaged filters, checking refrigerant levels, adding oil to motors and other preventative services.

Calling for A/C services early can also help you to avoid long waits associated with the busier summer season. You can also save money by getting a preventative maintenance tune-up rather than just firing up your system and experiencing outages or other issues. If you have to get repairs on a weekend or after hours, chances are your charges will be much higher than if you planned in advance and requested services to be done before the season even got started.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Depending on the size and type of air conditioning unit that you have installed at your home, you might experience an increased energy consumption or other small inefficiencies that can come from improper cleaning or use. When your HVAC technician inspects your air conditioning unit, they can make recommendations base on use, the size of your home and the type of unit, with regard to improvements that can be made to increase efficiency. An outdated unit can end up costing hundreds if not thousands of extra dollars in wasted energy costs each year.

Dirt and debris that are not properly cleaned and removed prior to use can damage your system and make it work less efficiently. Dust and debris come into the home whenever the doors or windows are opened. Some dust and debris come into your Southeastern Massachusetts home via foot traffic, attached to your shoes and clothing. A layer of dirt can form and insulate the wires and other parts of your air conditioning system. If you don’t hire a professional to help you get your air conditioner ready for summer, a malfunction could occur.

The clogged dirt, dust and debris can be forced into the air conditioning unit itself. This can cause problems with low air quality and even dangerous mold or mildew to buildup with the other contaminants in the system. Part of preventative maintenance is the overall cleaning and assessment of the unit to ensure that everything is working as it should. Regular cleanings and preventative maintenance can help to extend the life of your air conditioning unit and improve air quality in the home.

How to Get Your A/C Ready for Summer

Contact Columbus Energies for all of your HVAC needs. Located in Swansea, Massachusetts, Columbus Energies has been serving customers throughout the Southcoast Region for over 60 years. With customers all throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, eastern Rhode Island, and Cape Cod, Columbus Energies can help you get your air conditioner ready so you can enjoy the summer months without worrying about your HVAC equipment.