Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Home Heating Oil – But Didn’t Know Who to Ask!

home-heating-oil-questionsUnless you have had the experience using it before, the idea of home heating oil can be something totally new and a little bit confusing to many Americans. Part of the reason why people are confused is the use of the term “oil” with regard to this residential fuel. The term oil can be used to describe a lot of different things, such as the oil we use in our cars, the oil we use to cook with and the oil we use out on the beach.

Home heating oil is a type of petroleum-based fuel. It is sometimes simply referred to as petroleum or crude oil in the media, and there are many benefits to using it, such as lower heating costs. The distillation process that is used to refine home heating oil before it ever reaches your home and is used in your home oil burner, works to benefit the environment, reduce burner wear and ultimately save you money on residential fuel.

How Home Heating Oil is Made

Home heating oil that is made in the United States is pumped out of the ground through different locations all around the world. The oil is then transformed into the residential fuel that you will use to heat your home at an oil refinery. The crude oil is separated into what is know as fractions, which are different weights of fuel oil that are used for different purposes.

There are six distinct weights that are defined by the American Society for Testing and Materials that range from 1 – the lightest, to 6 – the heaviest. Heavyweights are cheaper and lighter weights are more costly. Home heating oil is known in the industry as Number 2 Fuel Oil. Once the refining process of the crude is complete, it is ready to be used for heating oil in New England and across the country.

Why Heating Oil is a Good Choice

When it comes to picking the residential fuel that you will use to heat your home in Massachusetts or anywhere in the United States, it is important to select a fuel that will provide safe and efficient heat. Because heating oil in New England is delivered by local businesses, such as Columbus Energies in Southeastern Massachusetts, homeowners are not forced to purchase from a set utility company and have more freedom to choose.

Safety is another reason why many homeowners choose home heating oil for their residential fuel. It is very similar to diesel and very different from natural gas or gasoline, as it is not flammable at room temperature. In fact, it cannot burn even when directly exposed to a flame unless it is preheated to 140-degrees. Home heating oil is stored safely in a durable tank and is not a threat to an explosion like other residential fuel sources.

Home Heating Oil is Better Than Natural Gas

The modern heating oil boilers and furnaces that are available today, deliver residential heating in a much more effective and efficient way, especially compared to natural gas alternatives. In fact, home heating oil has been proven to be safer than natural gas and is even more cost-effective than converting to natural gas heating.

The cost of using heating oil in New England compared to heating a home with natural gas has been much lower in recent years. In fact, for much of the last 20 years, lower heating costs were seen for homeowners throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, and other northeastern states compared to natural gas residential heating.

Currently, the natural gas industry is working hard to expand the use of natural gas in the generation of electricity and in transportation. They are also looking for federal approval to ship gas abroad in the form of liquefied natural gas. As demand increases, natural gas prices will go up for residential consumers right here in New England, making home heating oil even more advantageous to residential customers.

Where to Get Heating Oil in New England

Many of the companies that provide delivery of heating oil in New England are small, family-run businesses. Columbus Energies is one of those locally-owned and operated neighborhood businesses. They have been serving customers in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island for over 60 years, providing home heating oil, propane, HVAC, plumbing and other related services.

From humble beginnings as a local two-pump gas station, the Macedonio family grew Columbus Energies into a much larger business as the needs and fuel demands of area residents increased. For more information about the services provided by Columbus Energies, call toll free at 877-674-1492.