The 5 Most Common A/C Problems That Require Repair

common-ac-problemsThe dog days of summer are no time to have A/C problems in Massachusetts. While we might not get the extreme temperatures experienced by homeowners in the more southern states, New England has its own share of hot summer weather.

This article will feature information about the five most common A/C problems that require professional repair services. Contact your local A/C repair service in Swansea to find out about preventative air-conditioning maintenance tips and service programs that can help you avoid having to pay for emergency or holiday weekend repair services.

Low Refrigerant

If the coolant in your air-conditioning unit is low, the air will blow out warm. When this happens it quickly can become a chain reaction with your coil and other components inside your A/C unit freezing up and eventually failing. Contact Columbus Energies in Swansea, Massachusetts for A/C repairs and preventative maintenance. Get your coolant checked and your system cleaned at least once a year.

Low refrigerant can indicate a leak inside your system, which is one of the most common A/C problems experienced today. The leak must be repaired before any additional coolant is added to prevent more of the hazardous gas from expelling into the air. Units as low as eight years or more have been found to experience loose fittings that caused leaks. If you suspect that your coolant is low, contact your local A/C repair service in Swansea for assistance.

Bad Primary Motor Starter

The primary motor starter of an air-conditioning unit can either fail or be faulty, causing your system to refuse to switch on from the thermostat. The motor starter works very similarly to a gas automobile engine, starting up the A/C via a signal from the thermostat, which activates a switch that pulls the points into contact to send electricity into the system to switch on.

As you can imagine, these points open and close quite a lot throughout the course of a year, which can lead to burning and pitting. Your A/C repair service in Swansea can help you get your system back on track and prevent future equipment failure. One of the most important air-conditioning maintenance tips is to check the condition of the primary motor starter each and every time service is completed. If the device starts to weaken or appears burned or pitted, it should be replaced.

Bad Secondary Motor Controller

This device controls the voltage that goes from your electrical source to your HVAC system, including your compressor and the fan motor that is located outdoors. Each of these items could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to replace. If you have a secondary motor controller that is weak or otherwise not functioning properly, it is important to call for Swansea, Massachusetts A/C repairs and service right away.

A failing controller can cause the wrong amount of voltage – either too high or too low – to go to your HVAC system, which can lead to failure. It is important to hire a reputable A/C repair service in Swansea that will address important issues like this one. This can help to reduce additional failures or even more costly repairs in the future.

Failed Compressor

The compressor of your A/C unit is one of the largest expenses associated with common A/C problems. If not diagnosed properly, failure could occur and this very important part will have to be replaced. A compressor works kind of like a heart, pumping coolant from the outside of the unit through the coil and then out through the entire unit, pumping cool air throughout the system.

Contact your HVAC repair service and ask about preventative maintenance programs. Joining one of these service programs can help save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars that would be spent on repairs for a failed compressor or A/C system. Surveys have shown that poor installation and bad airflow are the most common A/C problems that lead to compressor failure.

Lack of A/C Repair Service in Swansea

Regardless of where you live in Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island, it is important to get regular or at least annual A/C repair service and maintenance. Most of the Swansea, Massachusetts A/C repairs are the ones that we have spoken of here in this article. A/C failures occur most frequently in the hottest part of the summer and are usually as a result of issues regarding the blower fan, dirty coils or other failing parts.

Annual maintenance, which includes cleaning the coil and the outdoor intake system, can work to avoid common A/C problems from occurring in the first place. Contact your local A/C repair service in Swansea through Columbus Energies. They have an annual maintenance plan that is right for you, your schedule and your budget.

In addition to providing high quality A/C service and professional maintenance, Columbus Energies also provides services for a wide variety of energy needs, including propane and home heating oil delivery. Call for details about repair and maintenance services that can help fix or prevent common A/C problems.