Propane: The Clean and Environmentally-Friendly Energy Choice

propane-delivery-serviceWhen it comes to choosing a reliable energy source, more and more Massachusetts homeowners are turning to propane. With energy prices fluctuating and millions of Americans looking for affordable, yet clean and safe options, propane regularly comes out on top. There are many reasons why homeowners are choosing propane over other types of residential fuel. This article will focus on the reasons most frequently cited.

Rising Residential Energy Costs
What causes energy costs to fluctuate? Every year there seems to be some kind of increase in price for virtually every type of fuel source. The primary reasons why energy costs continue to fluctuate include:

  • supply and demand – during the winter months more Massachusetts homeowners are using home heating oil, natural gas and propane to heat their homes, reducing supplies and causing prices to increase
  • increases in higher crude oil and natural gas – propane prices can increase when the prices of crude oil and natural gas rise because it is produced from a combination of these energy sources
  • global market changes – more and more homeowners around the world are discovering propane as a safe, reliable energy cost, increasing competition for propane throughout the year

How to Lower Residential Energy Costs
There are a few basic things that Massachusetts homeowners can do to lower their energy bills. It all starts with inspecting your home heating system to make sure that it’s tuned-up and in proper working order. This will ensure that everything is working efficiently and effectively to reduce energy consumption. The furnace filter should be cleaned or changed out monthly to increase efficiency.

A programmable thermostat can help to reduce residential energy costs for Massachusetts homeowners by as much as 10-15 percent. These savings come as a result of turning back the temperature during the day when you are at work or turning it down at night and adding a couple of blankets when sleeping.

Check windows, doors and other openings around your home to make sure that they are sealed and protected against air leaks and drafts. Close up doors and vents in rooms that you aren’t using and make sure that your basement, crawl space, and attic are properly insulated. Reduce water heating costs by turning down your hot water heater to 115 degrees.

Propane Delivery in Massachusetts
Another way to control residential energy costs is to get on regular propane delivery in Massachusetts. A regular schedule of propane will ensure that you always have enough fuel and delivery services, such as Columbus Energies, which will usually spread out the costs over a twelve-month period to help eliminate huge winter bills.

Because propane is such a clean, reliable energy source, the state and federal governments will often offer tax credits. These can be applied to upgrades made to your home heating equipment, including HVAC, hot water heaters and more. Check with your representative to find out if you might qualify for any of these credits or rebates.

How is Propane Used?
Propane can be used to cover all of your home appliances, such as your furnace, fireplace, hot water heater, stove, and dryer. The efficiency and reliability of propane-powered appliances far exceed other equipment designed for specific fuel sources. Additionally, the carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions associated with propane are minimized from day one.

In addition to propane gas costing less than other types of residential energy costs, you will also save on your electric bill. Equipment designed to be used with propane gas uses considerably less electricity to run than appliances that are designed to be used with other types of fuel. Overall, the reduced energy consumption and the clean, low-emission qualities of propane make it a very environmentally-friendly choice.

Ready to Make the Switch?
If you currently use natural gas or another type of home heating fuel and are interested in making the switch to propane delivery in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, contact Columbus Energies for a free consultation. One of our highly trained and experienced technicians will visit your home and show you all the ways that propane can make a difference in your residential energy costs. Columbus Energies offers a wide selection of propane products, services, and installation opportunities to meet your needs. We can even help you to choose the best propane tank for your needs and find the best appliances for your family.

If you are looking to switch from one propane delivery service or another, Columbus Energies can help you there as well. Call us for a free consultation and price quote that will help you make a seamless transition. We can even help you switch out any outdated equipment and set you up with a worry-free energy plan that will work with your schedule and your budget.

Propane delivery in Massachusetts and Rhode Island include 24-hour emergency services, safety checks, tank rentals (optional), certified service personnel, a gas check program plus sales, installations and regular servicing of your hot water heater, heating system, fireplace and generators, if needed. Reduce your residential energy costs by choosing a clean, reliable energy source and dependable propane delivery service with Columbus Energies.