EPA Says: Get Heating Oil Tanks Inspected in Little Compton

heating-oil-little-comptonThe Department of Environmental Protection Agency urged homeowners this year to get their home heating oil tanks inspected and repaired, if necessary, to help save money and reduce energy consumption before they get them filled. Home heating oil in Little Compton, Rhode Island is a very popular energy source among residential property owners.

Clean, efficient and readily available through local heating oil companies like Columbus Energies, there are many benefits associated with choosing this household energy source. Heating oil prices have been favorable in recent years, providing homeowners with a cost-effective, affordable energy source that they can count on, even in the coldest winters.

The Price of Heating Oil: The Announcement
The EPA posted a nationwide announcement telling homeowners about the importance of maintaining heating oil tanks as a way to become more energy-efficient and to reduce energy costs per household. “To protect the health of you and your family,” was the primary focus of the announcement however, advising families of the important safety aspect associated with annual inspections.

When heating oil leaks it can cause a number of indoor and outdoor problems. If left unchecked, a leaking heating oil tank could contaminate groundwater and even private water wells within the area, costing as much as $50,000 in clean-up costs. In most cases, this type of clean-up is not covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy. Bottom line: if you think you may have a problem with your oil tank or if it has been many years since it was inspected, you should contact local heating oil companies to request assistance.

Home Heating Oil in Little Compton
Because of the geographical outlay of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, many homeowners turn to home heating oil companies to provide this reliable energy source to provide warm, comfortable heat. The EPA has instructed homeowners nationwide to have a routine inspection done on the exterior of their home heating oil tank each year, as well as all of the equipment that is attached or associated with the unit. One way to check out a tank for yourself is to look for any signs of rust, either on the structural supports or the tank itself. Check for leaks along the fill line for the tank and the feed line that goes to your furnace.

Save Time & Money With Residential Service Plans
Columbus Energies prides itself in the ability to provide safe and effective fuel delivery services to our customers in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We have two plans available for residential customers to choose from that are designed to help you save money and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your equipment has been inspected and is safe.

Our technicians are trained in all aspects of the home heating oil business, from delivering home heating oil to setting up delivery and explaining home heating oil prices to maintenance, installations of new home heating oil tanks and required repairs. A dependable residential service plan can help you to reduce energy consumption and lower your monthly bill, regardless of fluctuations in the price of heating oil.

If you are not familiar with home heating oil tanks, contact local heating oil companies like Columbus Energies to find out about getting an annual inspection. In addition to providing you with home delivery and competitive heating oil prices, Columbus also has a residential service plan that helps customers with home heating oil in Little Compton to properly inspect and repair their tank year-round. Contact your representative at Columbus Energies for more information about the residential service plan.

Where to Get Home Heating Oil in Little Compton
If you are looking into heating oil prices and comparing heating oil companies for delivery and services in the Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts area, look no further than Columbus Energies. In addition to our residential service plan and unparalleled delivery service, we also offer the Tank Sure Program, which was designed to monitor, protect and maintain your equipment, providing customers with a $1,000 tank replacement warranty to cover any unexpected costs associated with tank replacement. Call Columbus Energies for more information about this program and other programs available to our customers.