Energy Saving Tips to Reduce Energy Consumption in Dartmouth

energy-saving-tipsEverybody is looking for new ways to lower their energy bill in the winter. This is especially true for customers who live in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. While higher energy bills are just a fact of life in an area where the temperatures dip down well below freezing and the snow piles high, there are some simple energy-saving tips that homeowners can use to reduce energy consumption, while still keeping their home safe and warm in winter. There are many fuel choices available for residential use today, however, this article will be focused on customers who receive propane delivery in Dartmouth, MA and the surrounding South Coast area.

Tip #1 – Smart Laundry
Did you know that you can dry your clothes and other things faster if you throw in a large, clean dry towel into the dryer? Studies show that this can reduce drying time – and the energy spent to dry your clothes – in half! Also, wash clothes in cold water and try to do a full load every time. Don’t overcrowd the dryer though, split a wash load in half for drying if necessary.

Tip #2 – Use the Sun
You may think it’s best to keep the curtains and blinds closed during winter to retain heat, however in the daytime you should take advantage of the sun’s rays to heat your home through the use of passive solar energy. This is just one of many old-fashioned energy saving tips that is just as useful today as it was many years ago. Just make sure to close curtains and blinds again once the sun has moved on to another part of your home.

Tip #3 – Cook Smart
As we notice in the summertime, using an oven can really heat up the house. This is why we instinctively want to bake loaves of bread and other long-cooking things in the winter. Go ahead and bake bread, cakes and cook dinners in the oven, but try to multi-task, putting two or more items in at once whenever possible to reduce energy consumption and lower your energy bill in winter.

Tip #4 – Cuddle Time
Winter is a great time to grab a warm blanket and a hot cup of cocoa and snuggle up with the family or pets. Many energy-saving tips recommend lowering your thermostat by just a couple of degrees, which can add up to big savings in consumption which will reduce your propane delivery in Dartmouth during the winter. Having “cuddle time” while watching television, reading or just hanging out can reduce the need to increase the temperature in the house just to get comfortable.

Tip #5 – Dishwasher Savings
Running a dishwasher involves electric power, water for washing and hot water for sanitizing. Reduce energy consumption across the board by only running your dishwasher when it is full and by hand-washing large items as-needed in the sink.

Tip #6 – Ceiling Fans
Yes – ceiling fans! They are not just for lazy summer afternoons! Most ceiling fans have a dual-action switch that allows you to blow cool air when it’s warm and to circulate the warm air that rises to the ceiling in the winter for better thermal management throughout your home.

Tip #7 – Layered Clothing
It’s wintertime – you do not need to be running around your home wearing shorts and a tank top when it’s 30-degrees outside. Dress in layers and wear socks or slippers to reduce energy consumption. Try a t-shirt with a sweater or sweatshirt layered over it, paired with warm pants like sweatpants or leggings, to stay warm. If you get too hot you can remove the sweater and if you start to get cold you can put it back on. This helps you lower the energy bill in winter by allowing you to keep your thermostat at a more even temperature range both day and night.

Tip #8 – Block Drafts
While it’s a good idea to hire a pro to come in and check for drafts, you can block drafts at exterior doors by placing rugs up against the bottom of the door or by getting a door “bumper” that is used specifically for this purpose. Never underestimate the value of good weather-stripping though. If you have a draft that makes a noticeable difference, consider calling out a professional to shore it up for you. Sealing up a draft will definitely reduce energy consumption and help you to reduce propane delivery in Dartmouth.

Tip #9 – Short Showers
Avoid taking baths in the winter, as the water will cool down quickly, requiring more hot water to be added. Your best bet is to take short daily showers to reduce the amount of water that needs to be heated so you can reduce energy consumption. Energy-saving tips for shorter showers include using a timer, planning out your shower strategically or showering during the day when the ambient temperature in the room is higher.

Tip #10 – Warm Up Before Bed
Did you know that it is unhealthy to sleep with a central heater running all night long? Try warming up your home just before bed or use a propane fireplace to warm your bedroom before you call it a night. Hopping into a warm bed will help you to stay comfortable through the night without having to run the heater to the point where everyone in the house gets sick from the dryness or from being overly warm.

Tip #11 – Nuke the Water
If you need a little bit of hot water or a warm facecloth, put the water in a microwave-safe container or wet the facecloth and pop it into the microwave for 10-15 seconds. Check the temperature and use it as desired. This helps reduce energy consumption and water that is wasted by letting the tap run until the water warms up to the desired level.

Tip #12 – Don’t Over-do It!
A note of caution must be expressed when it comes to energy-saving tips. Some homeowners go too far in their quest to reduce energy consumption that they put their health at risk and even put pipes at risk of freezing in extremely cold temperatures by not keeping their homes warm enough. There are many ways to lower your energy bill in winter, so you don’t need to go over the top and do anything that could put you and your family at risk just to save a few bucks.

Where to Get Propane Delivery in Dartmouth
Contact Columbus Energies to get quality propane delivery in Dartmouth, MA and in many other areas throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Propane is a great way to heat water, cook and dry clothes in an efficient manner that will reduce energy consumption compared to other fuels and methods. Columbus offers a wide variety of high-efficiency propane gas furnaces that can be installed in your home or business. Ask us about our automatic delivery program and residential service program to help you lower your energy bill in winter while receiving safe propane delivery in Dartmouth direct to your home.