Worry Free Payment Plan

Do you dread high heating bills around the holidays? If so, we have created our Worry-Free Payment Plan to give our customers extra value by evenly spreading your payments over eleven months – instead of having you pay for a year’s worth of fuel in just 6 or 7 months. You can predict your monthly payments based on your annual fuel usage and you may also include your Annual Tune-up or Service Plan if desired.

Our Worry-Free Payment Plan Is a Great Way to take control of your finances!

  • Make one payment a month for 12 months
  • Earn 3% fuel credits on credit balance
  • We will adjust for any credits or balances due at the end of the budget period
  • You can include the cost of your service contract
  • No surprises – no big bills in the wintertime

To enroll in our Worry-Free Payment Plan, call us today at (877) 674-1492. You may also contact us online.

We strongly recommend that customers replace outdated equipment as soon as they can because older equipment can waste a lot of fuel and money. Even if an older system runs reliably, it can cost you hundreds of dollars per year in wasted fuel.