Learn How You Can Save Money with a Residential Service Plan

residential-service-planFrom the dog days of summer to the cold, chilly nights of winter, home energy bills are always at the forefront of the Massachusetts homeowner’s mind. One of the easiest ways to save money on your monthly energy bill is to consider joining a residential service plan that will provide fuel delivery service, a preventative maintenance program, and an affordable monthly payment schedule.

Columbus Energies, which provides a variety of home energy services to customers throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, such as unique residential service plans, maintenance programs, installation services, and a worry-free payment plan to keep it all within budget. All of the programs provided by Columbus Energies are designed to help reduce energy consumption by keeping equipment and appliances running more efficiently, resulting in a lower monthly bill.

Financial Benefits of Local Fuel Delivery Service
A regular residential service plan that provides fuel delivery service can give Massachusetts and Rhode Island homeowners confidence that their equipment and appliances are working safely and effectively. This type of program can also work to reduce the costs associated with maintenance work, repairs and annual tune-ups of your system, resulting in hundreds of saved dollars each year.

In addition, equipment and appliances that are regularly checked and properly maintained can also save hundreds of dollars in more efficient home heating oil consumption. Signing up for a residential service plan and a preventative maintenance program can really help you save on energy costs and services throughout the year.

Multiple Options Available for Residential Service Plans
Depending on the type of equipment and residential fuel you use, you will need a different type of residential service plan. Some equipment will require more frequent checks, cleaning, and maintenance, while others will require less attention. However, every single plan offered by Columbus Energies comes with an annual cleaning, efficiency test, and complete check-up – for FREE.

Contact your representative at Columbus Energies to find out what type of residential service plan would work best for your particular situation. Your representative can give you details about covered services, benefits and associated costs for each plan and type of fuel delivery service provided.

The “Tank Sure” Program
In addition to residential service plans, fuel delivery services and preventative maintenance programs for a wide variety of equipment, appliances, and residential fuel options, Columbus Energies also offers the “Tank Sure” program. If you use home heating oil, you are probably aware of the importance of checking your storage tank for corrosion or wear and tear. This program provides high-technology testing, which is similar to an ultrasound, to provide advance warning of potential problems with your home heating oil storage tank.

In most cases, home heating oil tanks will corrode from the inside out. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to spot problems just by looking at the tank. The “Tank Sure” program and services from Columbus Energies helps to monitor, protect and maintain your heating oil tanks, minimizing the cost and damage associated with unexpected links and provides a $1,000 tank replacement warranty. You may also be eligible for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy by presenting the provided tank inspection certificate through this service. For more information on the “Tank Sure” program, contact your Columbus Energies representative.

Preventative Maintenance Program
Columbus Energies also offers a preventative maintenance program to check all of your equipment and appliances in your residential or commercial property. From central air conditioning units to furnaces and boilers, the trained technicians at Columbus Energies will perform regular inspections of your equipment to ensure that it is in proper working order. Preventative maintenance programs can also help to spot out small problems before they grow and become even more expensive to repair.

Columbus Energies requires their technicians to continually receive up-to-date training on the latest methods, technologies, and equipment to help them accurately identify and quickly fine-tune all of your appliances and equipment for maximum efficiency. Speak with a representative about heating and cooling systems preventative maintenance programs, as well as residential service plans that include inspections of home appliances and other related equipment.

Some of the other benefits associated with joining a preventative maintenance program with your fuel delivery service provider include reduced emissions, greater efficiency, early detection, and trouble-free reliability. Columbus Energies strongly believes that a solid preventative maintenance program is a key component in providing the best quality services to their customers.

The “Worry-Free” Payment Plan
When it comes to fuel delivery service providers, homeowners in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island have a lot of options. However, one of the biggest worries facing homeowners in today’s economy is concerns about the monthly cost of fuel delivery service to heating oil tanks. Columbus Energies created a “Worry-Free” payment plan to help customers spread out payments of 11 months instead of experiencing high energy costs for 6-7 months during the fall and winter seasons.

Speak with your representative to find out how you can make a monthly payment, earn 3 percent fuel credits for accounts that have a credit balance and how to include service contract costs and annual tune-up plans in with your monthly payments. There is a plan available to work with just about anyone’s home energy budget and schedule.

Call Columbus Energies today toll free at 1-877-674-1492 for more information about the “Worry-Free” payment plan, fuel delivery service options, residential service plans and preventative maintenance programs for appliances, equipment, and heating oil tanks.