gas propane fireplace

Top 5 Advantages of a Propane Fireplace Installation

February 20, 2024

Winter evenings can be made warm and inviting with a fireplace, not just for heat but as a focal point for family time. Imagine sharing stories by the fire with hot cocoa, creating lasting memories. This article delves into why propane fireplaces, with their modern efficiency and benefits, are an ideal choice for you.

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image of homeowner with question marks depicting what happens when furnace runs out of oil

What Happens When The Furnace Runs Out Of Oil?

February 5, 2024

Homeowners that use will-call heating oil deliveries must monitor their tank, usually calling for a refill at 30% capacity. However, the challenge arises when, amidst a busy life, one finds the tank unexpectedly empty. This article discusses the impact that an empty oil tank has on your home heating system.

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image of an overheating furnace and pilot light

Top Signs Your Furnace Is Overheating

January 22, 2024

Your heating system might be showing signs of trouble – these aren’t issues to overlook. Seemingly minor quirks could be indicative of a severe underlying problem. Consider the possibility of an overheating furnace, which requires immediate attention. It’s crucial to respond swiftly. Share your concerns with a professional HVAC contractor and arrange an inspection immediately.

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image of a homeowner plugging nose due to heating oil smells after fuel delivery

Should My Furnace Smell Like Heating Oil?

January 8, 2024

Heating oil is popular for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness in warming homes during cold seasons. Normally, it has a distinct smell, but a well-maintained system should not allow the odor to linger. If you occasionally notice a faint odor, it should go away quickly; persistent smells, however, indicate a need for professional assessment.

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image of the word advantages depicting propane vs electricity

9 Reasons To Choose Propane Over Electricity In Your Home

December 25, 2023

Recognizing the need for clean energy to address the climate crisis is crucial for a sustainable future. While ‘electrification’ is popular in clean energy discussions, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution due to its high costs. Propane emerges as a viable clean energy alternative. The following article explores propane’s benefits compared to electricity.

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image of furnace interior depicting rust in furnace

3 Causes of Rust Formation on Your Furnace

December 11, 2023

Similar to metal, furnaces can rust. The humidity and temperature changes that occur with use cause moisture, which can cause rust – even in the best of systems. In fact, steering clear of rust is challenging; it’s a common and unavoidable issue. This article aims to explore the main causes of this prevalent issue.

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image of a house made of measuring tape depicting how to size a standby generator

How To Size A Standby Generator?

November 27, 2023

Generators offer power during blackouts. They come in various types, each with distinct requirements and wattages. A prevalent kind is the whole-home generator. Many homeowners inquire about how to properly size these standby generators. Dive in further to find the answer, and equip yourself with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

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image of a whole-house generator

How Does a Generator Work?

November 13, 2023

Despite advancements in electricity supply, power systems are still vulnerable to issues like equipment failures, construction accidents, extreme weather, and surges in demand, leading to outages. This has increased reliance on generators, particularly during blackouts and in areas without grid access. Understanding how generators work is crucial in this context.

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image of an hvac contractor performing annual furnace maintenance by columbus

What Happens When You Skip Annual Furnace Maintenance?

October 16, 2023

Every machine needs consistent care to keep working efficiently, including your furnace. A yearly inspection by skilled HVAC technicians ensures dependable, efficient performance. Although most homeowners know about this requirement, many don’t adhere to it each year. In this article, we explore the potential consequences of missing your annual furnace check-up.

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image of how much sign depicting how much heating oil will i use in a day

How Much Heating Oil Will I Use A Day?

October 2, 2023

If you rely on heating oil to warm your home, you always need to make sure you have enough fuel in the tank. Understanding your oil consumption will help you gauge this. Homeowners often ask, “How much heating oil will I use in a day?” This guide delves into this frequently-asked question.

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