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Race Fuels With Consistent Quality That You Can Count On

Racing gas is a special category of gasoline designed to exceed the performance standards of regular gasoline. It was initially used in high-performance racing vehicles, hence the name "racing fuel." But these fuels have since found applications beyond racing.

With the introduction of emission regulations, gasoline has undergone many changes over the years, including the use of unleaded gasoline and the addition of ethanol. However, these changes have not been favorable for all engines, resulting in the need for consumers to purchase expensive additives such as octane boosters.

Racing fuels provide a solution to this problem. These high-performance fuels deliver consistent and repeatable results, and their storage capabilities are far superior to regular pump gas. Whether you have a boat, chainsaw, motorcycle, ATV, tractor or any off-road equipment, racing fuels can improve their performance.

Race fuels burn faster, reducing deposits and carbon build-up in engines. The higher octane level allows engines to operate at higher cylinder pressures, improving performance.

For the best racing fuels to boost the performance of your high-performance engine, turn to Columbus Energies.

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