How to “Go Green” in Winter in Southeastern Massachusetts

go-green-winterEveryone it seems is thinking about the environment these days. Working hard to use less energy, purchasing equipment that is more efficient and reducing use as a means of preserving natural resources and to lower greenhouse gas emissions. While all of these efforts are easy to accomplish in the spring, summer and even parts of the fall season, trying to “go green” in the winter in the North East isn’t something that most people know how to do. It’s just too cold here – not to mention dangerous – to even think about lowering our use of heaters, fireplaces and other ways to keep warm.

However, there are a number of ways to reduce the amount of fuel that we use to heat our water, wash our clothes and heat our homes. Some of these methods are a healthy and responsible means of lowering energy consumption, while others can be downright dangerous. When the weather gets below 35 degrees, it is important to use your HVAC system to warm your home as a means of preventing cold-related illnesses and to keep your pipes from freezing, which could lead to costly repairs. Don’t put your health or the health of your family members at-risk just for the sake of “going green” in winter.

Safety Issues and Home Heat
One of the most commonly used fuels for keeping a home warm during winter in the North East is propane. Propane can be used to power heating systems, clothes dryers, hot water heaters, fireplaces, stoves, ovens and much more. While most people think of propane as one of the best outdoor cooking methods for grilling, propane is a very versatile fuel that is efficient, clean-burning and a great way to help you and your family go green in winter.

Proper installation of LP (liquid propane) appliances is required in order to guarantee maximum efficiency to lower energy consumption. Hiring a reputable company, such as Columbus Energies who specializes in propane and home heating oil delivery, as well as sales, installation, and maintenance of LP appliances can ensure that the job is done right. They are licensed and certified to do this type of work in the State of Massachusetts and the State of Rhode Island, so they are available to serve a wide area within the South Coast region.

Improper installation and poor maintenance habits can cause many types of appliances, regardless of the fuel source, to produce combustible pollutants that can lead to serious symptoms and health risks, not to mention increased risk for fire or damage to appliances and your home. Symptoms to watch out for include sleepiness, dizziness, watery eyes, difficulty breathing, and headaches. If you aren’t sure how safe your LP appliances or other fuel-based appliances were installed, contact Columbus Energies for an inspection. You can even join an annual maintenance program that includes regular check-ups, inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

Increase Air Quality Issues in Winter
Because of increased use by homeowners of wood-burning fireplaces and other pollutant-causing fuel sources, the air quality in areas that experience unusually cold temperatures, such as winter in the North East, can often be dangerous. Propane is a clean-burning fuel that adds significantly less greenhouse gas emissions into the local region compared to wood-burning stoves, fireplaces and other types of residential fuel.

Propane also burns more evenly, providing more consistent heat in the winter months. This helps to lower energy consumption through reduced use in propane-powered home heating systems, fireplaces, and hot water heaters. Check with your representative to find out more about all of the clean-burning properties and benefits associated with choosing propane as a fuel source to help you go green in winter and all year long.

Upgrade Your Appliances
Many homeowners choose the holiday season to invest in new appliances. With all of the sales and deals on installations available through direct providers, such as Columbus Energies, plus all of the rebates available for taxpayers who purchase Energy Star appliances, December is a great time to upgrade your LP appliances and other equipment.

Not only will Energy Star-rated appliances run more efficiently than standard, older appliances, but they will help you to lower energy consumption, reducing your winter energy bill, helping you to save money right from the start. Speak with your salesperson or installation expert about any tax rebates that might be available when you upgrade your old equipment to brand new Energy Star LP appliances.

Get Clean to Go Green in Winter
A lot of “go green” tips include making sure that your home and equipment are clean, well-maintained and monitored for any changes in that area. For example, getting your air ducts inspected, checked and cleaned can help your HVAC system to run more efficiently. Blockages from dust, dirt or even lint can reduce the amount of airflow, causing your heater to have to run more frequently, increasing energy consumption and your energy bill.

In fact, energy used to heat your home in the winter months can account for as much as 34 percent of your entire year’s worth of energy consumption and cost, so it is important to make sure your system is clean and in proper running order before the cold season starts. If you notice issues with your heating system not heating properly, contact your representative at Columbus Energies and get it checked out.

Call Columbus Energies and Get Started Today!
It doesn’t matter what time of year it is when it comes to preparing for winter in the North East and lowering energy consumption, it pays to go green in winter. Greenhouse gas emissions, higher energy bills and increase use of home appliances are all working against you and your family in one way or another. Whether financially, through health concerns or overall concerns for the welfare of the local environment, it is important to choose a responsible fuel source and make sure that your home is running as efficiently as possible.

Call Columbus Energies for an inspection of your current equipment and an estimate on changes and upgrades that could be made to improve your home’s efficiency. Our expert technicians have years of experience working with propane, home heating oil, HVAC systems, and other related equipment. They can help you get your home back on track, providing you and your family with warm, efficient heat via clean-burning propane that will help you do your part to go green in winter.