Get Home Heating Oil Annual Maintenance Program in Somerset

annual-maintenance-programIt seems as if everyone these days is looking for the best possible energy source available for heating their home. For some reason, home heating oil delivery is the one residential fuel that keeps being put in a negative light, despite being a very sustainable and reliable energy source. The truth is that home heating oil can help you reduce energy costs in Somerset because it is now more clean, affordable and reliable than ever before.

What is Clean Residential Fuel?
When someone says that a type of residential fuel is clean, what does that mean? In the case of home heating oil, this particular residential fuel is clean because it burns clean, especially if the appliances are properly installed and maintained. No dirt, odors or soot are evident in the home with proper home heating oil delivery, making it a very smart and efficient choice for many homeowners. The heating systems used to deliver residential fuel are also much more efficient than ever before, allowing home heating oil delivery to outperform most other popular fuel systems by a wide margin.

Is Home Heating Oil Delivery Safe?
There are a lot of misconceptions about residential fuel, but home heating oil is not just safe, but it burns cleaner than other fuels. One of the benefits of choosing home heating oil is that it is not combustible unless the temperature is at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. There simply is not enough fuel vapor with home heating oil to cause an explosion or a fire. Another benefit is that home heating oil delivery also has a very low carbon monoxide risk. When it comes to residential fuel, it is a very smart choice.

The Advantages of Using Home Heating Oil
When it comes right down to it, home heating oil is the best energy source available for heating your home. Home heating oil delivery comes directly from local dealers, such as Columbus Energies, who also work and live right here in the South Coast community. We believe that customer service and residential fuel safety is just as important as the products that we sell. As a result, homeowners who get home heating oil delivery and sign up for our annual maintenance program, will receive much better service from our locally-owned and operated company than you would with a large statewide or regional utility company.

Most of the oil burners available today produce a very small amount of smoke and soot. In fact, the equipment used for home heating oil delivery and consumption has always been more advanced. New innovations are always in development to continue growing and improving oil heat technology for our customers. In addition to our automatic home heating oil delivery and annual maintenance program, both of which are designed to provide our customers with discounts on services and ensure efficient running appliances, there are other ways to save.

Make sure to ask about the Affordable Monthly Payment Plan at Columbus Energies. This plan allows our customers to divide the cost associated with the season’s heating expenses over a period of twelve months, making the months with heavy residential fuel usage more affordable by spreading out the payments throughout the year. This helps families to stay on budget while providing them with home heating oil delivery and safe, warm residential fuel.

Preventative Maintenance
One of the best ways to reduce energy costs in Somerset or anywhere else in the region is to join the Columbus Energies Annual Maintenance Program. It is important to have your home heating oil delivery equipment and appliances checked on a regular basis to provide preventative maintenance services that will keep them working safely and at their best. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians will provide you with ongoing services through our Annual Maintenance Program, checking your heating appliances, equipment, tank and more to ensure everything is in good order.

Some of the benefits associated with joining an annual maintenance program include:

  • RELIABILITY – equipment that is properly maintained is less likely to break down or leak
  • DETECTION – early detection of leaks and/or issues can prevent bigger problems and more costly repairs from occurring
  • EMISSIONS – efficient equipment can reduce emissions from residential fuel sources
  • EFFICIENCY – reduce energy costs in Somerset and overall fuel consumption through properly maintained equipment

Contact Columbus Energies today to find out more about home heating oil delivery and our line of residential fuel services. Our team can get you set up with an annual maintenance program and give you tips on how to reduce energy costs in Somerset or anywhere else in the South Coast region. Columbus Energies delivers home heating oil and propane gas throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.