Advantages Of Using Propane In Massachusetts

Homeowners have a lot of choices when it comes to the type of fuel that they use to power and heat their homes. There are a lot of advantages to choosing propane gas over other energy sources. While propane use only accounts for less than two percent of all the energy that is used each year in the United States, it is currently the most common source of energy in rural areas that do not have natural gas service.

How is Petroleum Gas Used?

When most people think about propane gas, they tend to think about outdoor barbecue grills or fireplaces. However, there are many different uses for propane within homes, farms and as an energy source for transportation. In the home propane gas can be used to dry clothes and heat water. It can also be used as a fuel source to power a furnace to keep the home warm during the winter months. Propane is also used for cooking and refrigerating food. Of course, there are many homeowners who use propane gas to fuel barbecue grills and gas fireplaces as well.

There are many uses for propane gas on the farm as well. In addition to the other uses listed above for homeowners, propane is also used to power irrigation pumps and farm equipment. It can be used to dry corn and other grains. There are many forklifts and other related types of equipment that run on propane that are used on farms and in commercial or industrial business settings.

With regard to transportation, propane is currently the second-largest alternative fuel that is used in America today. Propane is used to fuel fleets of vehicles, such as taxi cabs, government cars, school buses, and city trucks. Propane is used to heat the air that makes hot air balloons rise and is also used in a number of recreational vehicles.

What is Propane Gas?

Propane is an energy-rich gas that is one of the liquefied petroleum gases that is found mixed with oil and natural gas. The propane, along with other liquid gases, such as butane and ethane, is separated from the natural gas at the processing plant or at refineries from crude oil. Liquid petroleum gases were discovered in 1912 and quickly became a popular alternative fuel source in America.

At lower temperatures or under high pressure, this naturally occurring gas becomes a liquid, which makes it very compact and easy to store and transport to customers. When a valve is opened to release the liquid propane from its pressurized container, it becomes a gas again under normal pressure so it can be used as a fuel source.

How Do Homeowners Get Propane in Massachusetts?

Many homeowners get propane delivered to them directly from a reputable energy supply company. Columbus Energies is based in Swansea, Massachusetts, but delivers propane and home heating oil to customers throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

A propane delivery truck comes directly to your home to deliver it to a storage tank outside the home. A typical residential propane tank can hold between five hundred and a thousand gallons of liquid fuel. These residential propane tanks are refilled several times a year to ensure that the customer always has a reliable source of fuel.

The home delivery service provided by Columbus Energies makes it easy for homeowners. They track your usage and help you stay on top of your supply. Residential propane tank rentals are available for homeowners that don’t already have a propane tank installed or for homeowners that can’t afford to invest in purchasing a new tank. 24-hour emergency services, safety checks, and a gas check program are all provided by certified service personnel for top quality service.

Is Propane Environmentally-Friendly?

One of the advantages of using liquid propane is that it is a clean-burning fossil fuel, which is why it is usually a top choice for use with indoor equipment, such as forklifts and other industrial tools. It is non-toxic and its clean-burning properties and easy transportation make it a great choice as an alternative fuel for transportation.

Studies have shown that engines that are fueled with propane produce much fewer emissions of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide than gasoline engines. The same is true with the use of propane in Massachusetts for heating homes and fueling home appliances. This is yet another reason why many homeowners choose to use liquid propane over other home energy sources.

Are Propane Appliances Energy Efficient?

Liquid propane appliances are designed to be extremely reliable and efficient compared to other types of fuel sources. Propane can be used to power all of your home appliances, including the dryer, the stove, the fireplace, hot water heater, and the furnace. Using propane appliances minimizes the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions from your home on the very first day you install and use them.

Propane gas equipment uses much less energy to run compared to other alternative fuel sources, saving you money on your monthly utility bill. Columbus Energies sells and installs a variety of high-efficiency gas furnaces to its customers throughout the South Coast region and they are becoming very popular. Propane has quickly become the top heating fuel source for new homes in the northeastern states due to a combination of erratic oil prices and the super efficiency of propane-fueled appliances.

Columbus Energies Makes It Easy to Get and Use Propane

With a wide variety of propane products, services and installations available to customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, Columbus Energies can help you get switched from another energy source to propane fuel. We can help you get the right size tank to supply your fuel needs, set you up with a delivery service program that fits your schedule and budget, help you choose appliances that will maximize the efficiency of your new propane fuel source and get you on a preventative maintenance program to help keep things running smoothly.

Columbus Energies is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving customers in New England for over 50 years. For more information about all of the services, products, appliances, and installations available, please contact us direct at 1-877-674-1492.