Benefits of Propane Hot Water Heaters

When it comes to making your home more energy-efficient, it’s a good idea to look at the appliances that you use the most. One of those appliances that consume a lot of energy on a regular, year-round basis is the hot water heater. Before you look into hot water heater replacement, it’s a good idea to look into some alternative options for updating your equipment. Many homeowners will quickly realize that they can achieve energy savings simply by switching from electric to propane water heaters.

Propane vs. Electric

Some of the advantages that homeowners can enjoy in making the switch from electric to propane water heaters include lower operating costs and higher efficiencies. The more efficient your water heater is at producing hot water, the less energy that will be required to heat water on a daily basis. Propane water heaters also have a much faster recovery rate and require much smaller storage than electric models, providing homeowners with a continuous hot water supply.

Because propane water heaters are powered by propane gas, the temperature can be adjusted more accurately than with an electric heating mechanism. Homeowners will also find that there is a much wider selection of sizes, installation and venting options available with propane water heaters. Plus, with convenient propane fuel delivery service through Columbus Energies, a reliable, family-owned and operated company that provides New Bedford propane delivery, there’s nothing extra that homeowners will need to do in order to take advantage of all these benefits.

Cost-Effective Hot Water Heater Replacement

When you make the switch from electric to propane water heaters, you can save a lot of money on monthly utility costs. In fact, studies show that it can cost $25 less each month to operate a propane-powered hot water heater compared to an electric unit. Propane water heaters also cost about a third less to operate compared to electric water heaters. Over the average 10-year life span of propane water heaters, the average homeowner could save anywhere between $3,000-4,000 compared to the cost to run an electric water heater.

The fast recovery rate of propane water heaters is also beneficial. Coming in at twice the rate for electric units, it is possible for homeowners to get more hot water from a smaller sized propane tank than they would get from a larger electric tank. Propane gas heaters also have the ability to heat over two-times the amount of water in an hour compared to an electric heater. This is the number one reason why over three million homeowners in the United States currently use propane water heaters.

Propane water heaters also require less maintenance and service than electric models. They are extremely durable and very efficient, with an energy factor of around 0.50-0.65. Smaller units will have a higher energy factor because the small volume and surface area allows for less standby loss, which enables them to recover even faster than large storage models. Overall, the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of propane water heaters make them very attractive to most homeowners nationwide.

Hot Water Heater Replacement and Installation

If you are thinking about upgrading your inefficient electric hot water heater to explore the latest line of propane water heaters, look no further than Columbus Energies. Not only do we provide local New Bedford propane delivery and a wide variety of maintenance and propane fuel delivery service programs, but we also sell and install propane appliances. We have a lot of experience working with propane appliance installation and we sell high-efficiency appliances from the top manufacturers.

Our team of sales staff and technicians can help you choose from the best propane water heaters for your particular needs. Our team is certified in professional propane installation, as well as the repair of propane appliances. In addition to propane water heaters, Columbus Energies can also sell and install ovens, stoves, gas dryers and other efficient propane appliances. To find out more about all of the appliances that we carry, contact our local office or speak with your propane fuel delivery service technician.

Where to Get New Bedford Propane Delivery

Contact Columbus Energies to learn more about our automated propane fuel delivery service and preventative maintenance program. Columbus offers a wide range of propane services, including 24-hour emergency service for propane heating systems, installation of outdoor and indoor propane equipment, including pool heaters, barbecues, enclosed patio heaters, fireplace inserts, room heaters, and complete heating systems.

We also sell propane water heaters and install them as well. Piping and plumbing services can also be provided on an as-needed basis to ensure that our customers get everything installed and working properly. Call Columbus Energies today for more information on our New Bedford propane delivery and other residential and commercial energy delivery services.