4 Ways That Propane Can Keep You Warm in Fall River This Winter


When it comes to being an efficient source of energy, propane has always been a good choice. Propane can be used to heat water, cook food, dry clothes, and even provides energy to many other household appliances and features that may surprise you. Propane can cover all of your home or commercial appliances with one reliable fuel source. This includes dryers, furnaces, fireplaces, hot water heaters, stoves, and much more.

LP (liquid propane) appliances are also very efficient and reliable, especially when compared to other similar appliances that are designed to be used with different fuel sources. From the very first day that you begin using propane in Massachusetts and have LP appliances installed, you will immediately reduce greenhouse emissions and the carbon footprint of your home.

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The Propane vs. Winter Challenge

There’s nothing quite like a New England winter. In fact, some of the coldest weather and iciest storms ever to hit our nation have occurred in the northeastern states. When other energy sources, such as electric or natural gas, fail during blizzards and storms, propane home delivery to your on-site tank and system, will still be working hard to provide your family with the warmth and energy they need to survive the harsh winter weather. The rest of this article will discuss the four distinct ways that you can keep warm in winter using propane in Massachusetts.

#1 – Propane Gas Fireplaces

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful way to heat your home this winter, look no further than a decorative, yet functional fireplace. Propane gas fireplaces are a great way to add warmth to a living area or bedroom, without requiring a lot of extra work and maintenance on your part. Wood fireplaces may seem like a great idea, but they require chopping or hauling wood, cleaning out the ashes, hiring a chimney sweep and just aren’t as efficient as propane gas models.

Clean burning propane is the easiest and most cost-effective choice for homeowners. In fact, a propane fireplace can burn 40 times as long as a wood fire, without producing the same amount of greenhouse emissions. Scheduling an automatic propane home delivery service when you purchase and install your propane gas fireplace will ensure that you have enough fuel to keep you and your family toasty warm all winter long.

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#2 – Propane Gas Heaters

propane heating system

Another advantage of using propane in Massachusetts is the ability to use propane gas to power your heating system. Just by switching to LP appliances for your home heating needs, you can reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions up to 68 percent. Propane gas heating units produce heated air that is as much as 25 degrees warmer than an electric heat pump can produce and they last up to 20 years, compared to the 14-year average seen with electric heat pumps.

Studies show that people who use LP appliances for heating their homes are less likely to use supplemental heat sources, such as electric space heaters and wood fireplaces, than people who use natural gas or electric heating systems. Propane gas heaters are also much quieter than electric heat pump-based units. The high-efficiency gas furnaces available to residential and commercial property owners are, overall, much more economical to use and more energy-efficient than other types of furnaces.

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#3 – Propane Gas Water Heaters

propane water heating

The third-largest area of energy use in the average American home is the hot water heater. Natural gas and electric hot water heaters cost over 50 percent more to run than propane gas water heaters and can emit over 60 percent more greenhouse gases as well. Do your homework and you will see that there are absolutely no electric water heaters that qualify to be listed under the Energy Star program.

LP appliances work better than other fuel-source appliances overall because they are more efficient and they reduce your home’s carbon footprint. This translates to real savings on your monthly utility bill, especially in the winter months when hot water usage increases. Even tankless water heaters benefit from propane in Massachusetts. An Energy Star propane tankless water heater has an 83-94 percent efficiency rating and costs 60 percent less to operate than a standard electric water heater. Propane home delivery ensures that you will always have enough fuel to keep your water warm for showers, laundry and dishes all winter long.

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#4 – Propane Gas Cooking

propane kitchen stove

When most people think about propane gas, they think about outdoor grilling and cooking. While propane is the best choice for outdoor kitchens, it is also an excellent choice for cooking and baking indoors, which is something we all tend to do more in the winter months. A recent study by the American Chef’s Association revealed that 97 percent of professional chefs stated that they prefer cooking with gas over electric cooktops. So while electric cooking may be popular with kitchen designers and decorators, it is definitely not the top choice for professional cooks!

Cooking with LP appliances will also help to save you money. On average, it takes less than half of the energy to cook with propane than it does to cook with electricity. There is more response and control when cooking with LP appliances, as propane gas will respond instantly and electric elements take longer to heat up or get to temperature. Propane home delivery makes it easy to cook indoors and outdoors with LP appliances, providing a consistent supply of propane gas, without the hassle of changing out canisters or buying charcoal from the store.

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Where to Get Propane Home Delivery in Southeastern Massachusetts

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