Propane Service

Propane has always been a great way to efficiently heat water, cook, and dry clothes at home. Columbus Energies now offers a variety of high-efficiency gas furnaces for every application and they are taking the heating market by storm. With erratic/soaring oil prices and the overall efficiency of these heating systems, propane is quickly becoming the heating choice of new homes and businesses being built across the North East.

Several distinct advantages play into our customers’ decision to go gas:

  • The ability of propane to cover all of your home or commercial appliances (stove, dryer, furnace, hot water), with one fuel.
  • LP appliance efficiency and reliability are unparalleled to all other fuel sources equipment (and fits nicely with AC units).
  • The greenhouse emissions and carbon footprint of your home are minimized from the first day they are used.
  • Gas equipment uses considerably less electricity to run, saving you real dollars each month.

We offer a full array of propane products, installations, and services to meet your needs.

Columbus Energies’ team of experienced technicians can help you get started if you are thinking about switching to propane from another energy service. We will help you to select the proper tank for your needs, choose appliances that will work best with propane energy and evaluate your overall needs.

If you are looking to switch to Columbus Energies from another propane delivery service, we can help to make the transition seamless. Our expert staff can help you take care of all the account transfer details and switch out any equipment. We can also help you to find an energy plan that will suit your budget and your schedule.

Some of the extra services offered for propane fuel delivery include:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Services
  • Gas Check Program
  • Safety Checks
  • Tank Rentals Available
  • Certified Service Personnel
  • Sales, installations, and service of heating systems, hot water needs, and generators
  • Only the best and most efficient products (Rinnai, Buderus, Biasi)
  • Dual fuel discount (buy both fuels for additional savings)
  • Affordable payment plan

It is important to choose a propane company that has a solid reputation within the community. Our family has lived within the same local communities that we service for generations. Because of this, we understand the propane needs of a homeowner living in the local area. The years of experience and the relationships we’ve built in the community as a family-run propane company is what makes us leaders within the industry.

If you have any questions or would like to hear more, please feel free to contact us.  We really do look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your interest in our company.

Propane is a safe and clean fuel – good for the environment, good for our futures!