Our top priority at Columbus Energies is safety. The safety of our customers and staff is the backbone of our business. Our company is involved in local and nationwide safety programs, working to increase the knowledge and experience of our workers to ensure safety for everyone involved.

We perform a system safety check for every propane appliance and equipment installation to make sure everything is functioning properly and safely. Here are some of the checks that we perform:

  • Pressure – We ensure that the operating pressure is within the safe range.
  • Mechanical – We do a thorough inspection to ensure that all mechanical systems that tie the tank to the propane appliance are installed correctly.
  • Integrity – We inspect for leaks and check the integrity of the pipes.
  • Testing – We test the entire system and propane appliances to ensure that they are working as they should.

Columbus Energies has a strong commitment to customer and community safety. We strive to exceed maintenance and safety requirements on all our tools, equipment and vehicles. Not only is it required by law to test new propane appliances and equipment after installation, but it also gives our employees and customers the peace of mind in knowing that the new equipment is installed safely and correctly.

Gas Leak?

Propane leak detectors are available to help you to identify a gas leak. It is also important to know what propane smells like so you can identify a leak quickly. Speak with our representatives about tools available that will help you detect any leaks that might occur over the lifetime of your propane tank and equipment.

It is important to know that if you do smell propane that you must evacuate everyone from the home or building where the propane is being used immediately. Call 911 right away and do not try to determine the source of the leak yourself. Use a cell phone to call from outside the building. Do not use light switches or telephones indoors if you suspect a leak.

Ask your representative for additional information about propane safety.