Taunton Homeowners: Propane Safety Tips for Gas Appliances


Especially this time of year, many homeowners ask a lot of questions about propane safety tips and look for new ways to get reliable fuel delivery in Taunton. Propane gas delivery takes the guesswork out of making sure that you have enough fuel on hand to run all of your propane gas appliances in the winter months and all year long. Automatic propane gas delivery makes it even easier to be certain that you always have propane in the tank when you need it most.

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What is Propane?

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One of the best propane safety tips is to take a little time to learn about and understand what propane is and how it works. Some people just switch on appliances and use them, never thinking about how it is powered or how it works. But when it comes to home safety, it is important to know as much as you can about your propane gas appliances and the fuel that makes them run as you can in case you ever experience a problem.

The formal name for propane is “liquefied petroleum gas” or LP gas, as it is sometimes known. Propane is used widely around the world because it is a very clean and efficient fuel. Propane is stored and transported as an extremely cold liquid – so cold, in fact, that it can cause an instant freeze-burn if it were to come in contact with your skin. The liquid is then turned into a gas form inside a tank. Propane is naturally colorless and odorless. However, a special chemical is added to it to make it easier to detect in the event of a spill or leak.

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Propane Gas Delivery

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For homeowners who rely on fuel delivery in Taunton, propane gas delivery is brought to your home just like any other type of home fuel. It gets delivered to your home as a liquid and is then pumped into a special storage tank where it changes to gas before leaving the tank to be used. Most propane tanks are silver or white in color to reflect heat and prevent the inner tank pressure from rising too high. Some areas use underground tanks. In this situation, only the top cover will be visible above the ground level. The cover also has special safety components that are used to protect it from damage.

  • Shut Off Valve – This can be closed to stop the flow of propane into your home if there is an emergency situation or a leak.
  • Safety Relieve Valve – Automatically pops open if the pressure inside the tank gets too high and closes again automatically when the pressure returns to normal levels.
  • Regulator – Controls the pressure of the propane gas that is coming out of the tank for use with your propane appliances.
  • Tank Gauge – Reveals how much propane is still remaining inside the tank for easy monitoring of fuel levels for propane gas delivery.

Pipes then carry the propane from the tank underground and into your home. Some residences have a secondary regulator on the outside wall of the structure for additional gas pressure adjustments. Additional shut-off valves are added in each pipe to stop the flow of gas to certain propane gas appliances. Finally, an appliance connector is used to carry gas from the pipe to your propane gas appliances using a 2-3 foot long flexible tube.

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More Propane Safety Tips

Once you know what propane is and understand how propane gas delivery works to deliver fuel to your propane gas appliances, the next step is to learn more propane safety tips that will help you know how to react in case of an emergency.

  • Flammable Vapors – Many fuels and chemical solvents can accidentally be ignited by the pilot light of a propane appliance. To reduce associated risks, store any flammable liquids outdoors in a well-sealed container and do not use flammable liquids inside of a building where propane appliances are located. If you think you smell gas put out all smoking materials and other flames. Do not operate a cell phone, telephone, appliance or lights, all of which can trigger a fire or an explosion. Leave the area immediately and get everyone out where you suspect a gas leak. Shut off the gas and report the leak from a neighbor’s home or nearby building. Call your propane gas delivery service first and then call 911 or the local fire department if you are unable to reach anyone immediately. Do not wait for a callback.
  • The Smell of Propane – The chemical added to propane prior to fuel delivery in Taunton makes it very distinct and difficult to miss. It has a very strong smell that is somewhere between a skunk’s spray, rotten eggs, and a dead animal. If you smell anything like that, make sure to take the precautions outlined above and contact someone for help right away. Teach everyone who lives in your home about how to identify the smell of propane and what to do if it is detected. Some people cannot smell propane due to allergies, tobacco use or medical conditions. It is important to know whether or not you can smell propane to prevent safety hazards in the future.
  • Odor Loss – Another thing that you do need to be aware of is a phenomenon known as “odor loss,” which can occur in propane gas. Propane can lose its safety odor due to air, rust or water being present inside the propane tank or if there is a leak underground, which can reduce the smell of propane greatly. So even if you detect a faint smell of gas, make sure to respond immediately. You can also purchase a propane gas detector for your home if you are concerned about not being able to smell the propane properly or are worried about odor loss.
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Safe Propane Gas Delivery Services

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Columbus Energies provides propane fuel delivery in Taunton and many areas throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Safety is a top priority for our customers and our staff, which is why we are heavily involved in many different safety programs both locally and nationally. We work hard to always increase the knowledge of our workers to provide propane safety tips and assistance to our customers.

For more propane safety tips or to find out about Columbus Energies propane gas delivery and fuel delivery in Taunton and the surrounding area, give us a call. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you sign up for delivery service, purchase and install propane gas appliances or schedule maintenance and other annual services. You can trust Columbus Energies to provide quality, professional propane gas delivery to your home.

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