How To Choose The Proper Sized Propane Tank

When you live in an area where there is no natural gas, homeowners begin searching for comparable alternatives. A home propane tank is a common sight in the New Bedford, Massachusetts area, as there are many homeowners who choose to use indoor propane heaters, hot water heaters and other propane-powered appliances within the region. There are many advantages to choosing propane as a home energy source. In fact, many homeowners are now making the decision to switch from electric-powered appliances to propane. This article will focus on the many advantages of having a home propane tank and will help answer the question: “Are there any propane companies near me?”

The Facts: What You Need to Know About Propane

Before you rush out and purchase or rent a new propane tank in New Bedford, there are some things you should know about propane as a residential fuel source. From hot water heaters to indoor propane heaters, propane-fueled fireplaces to stoves and everything in between, having a home propane tank can be a real advantage.

  • Hot Water Heaters
    According to the American Council for Energy-Efficient Economy, a propane tank water heater will pay for itself in the first year due to energy savings and utility costs and a propane tankless water heater will pay for itself within three years. Regardless of which type of water heater you choose – tankless or tank-based – both will save homeowners as much as $5,000 within ten years.
  • Space Heaters
    It allows you to heat one room or area at a time without having to use a central air system that costs more to run. This type of indoor propane heater produces less greenhouse gas and air pollutants than other types of fuel sources and its efficiency helps you to save money on utility and fuel costs.
  • Clothes Dryers
    This type of clothes dryer is much more efficient than an electric dryer. Depending on the price of natural gas, it can even be cheaper to operate than other fuel source based dryers.
  • Propane Fireplace
    It provides warm heat and natural ambiance within your home. However, unlike a wood fireplace, your home propane tank fueled fireplace won’t put black smoke in the air or emit noxious fumes.
  • BBQ Grill
    Outdoor cooking will never be the same. Propane grilling is better for the environment. Charcoal can release more than 100 times the carbon monoxide and fumes than propane gas-powered grills.
  • Whole-Home Furnace
    All varieties of indoor propane heaters are more efficient than an electric-based central HVAC system. Your new propane tank in New Bedford will help fuel your indoor propane heater, providing more efficient heat and lower energy bills throughout the year.

A General History of Propane

Propane can provide energy to your home in a safe, cost-effective and comfortable way. Originally approved in 1990 as an alternative fuel through the Clean Air Act, propane has been proven to be one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels currently approved for residential use. Studies have shown that it is even cleaner than electricity, which is typically generated by coal-burning power plants. Safe to use, propane is not harmful to soil or groundwater because it is non-toxic.

When it comes to efficiency, there are many advantages to choosing a new propane tank in New Bedford. Propane appliances are much more efficient than appliances that run on electricity. This helps homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint by consuming less natural energy resources. It also helps to reduce monthly energy costs while protecting the environment.

Other Benefits of Using a Home Propane Tank

In addition to environmental and cost-effective benefits, choosing to use propane companies near me to power an indoor propane heater, hot water heater, and other household appliances have many advantages. It is like natural gas, but it is safer, more convenient and very reliable.

  • Truck Delivery to Your Home Propane Tank
    Propane is delivered to your new propane tank in New Bedford via delivery truck from local energy services, such as Columbus Energies. Natural gas is delivered to your home via a pipeline, connecting you and your home to the primary grid. Having fuel delivered to your own home propane tank puts you in charge of your energy source, allowing you to have your tank filled on an automatic schedule or by calling Columbus Energies for delivery in Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island.
  • Safe and Consistent
    The fuel provided via your home propane tank is extremely safe, exceeding safety compared to just about every other type of residential fuel source. Propane is also very warm and comfortable. Your indoor propane heater will provide heating that is warmer and more consistent than electric heating appliances. It is also more comfortable, as electric heat is very drying and does not have a natural feel.
  • Excellent for Cooking
    Another advantage of installing a new propane tank in New Bedford is to use it as cooking fuel. Studies have shown that 97 percent of all professional chefs prefer to use gas fuel sources for cooking compared to electric cooking appliances.
  • Very Versatile
    Your home propane tank will provide you with a very versatile fuel source that can be used to power virtually any type of home appliances. It can be used for indoor cooking and outdoor cooking on a BBQ grill. It can be used for indoor whole-home heating and outdoor heating on the patio or out by the pool.

Where to Find Propane Companies Near Me

This is a common question among homeowners in the northeastern states. If you have ever asked “where can I find propane companies near me?” look no further than Columbus Energies. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, Columbus Energies services customers in New Bedford, Fall River and all throughout the South Coast region, including Cape Cod and Rhode Island. Call Columbus Energies today for a quote on a new propane tank in New Bedford or for more information on indoor propane heaters, hot water heaters and more.