Understanding Seasonal Propane Use In Summer

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Houses utilize a variety of fuels for their heating needs. Propane stands out due to its high efficiency, proven safety, and low cost. Propane use is not limited to the colder months; it remains in demand as temperatures climb and the snow disappears. 

For instance, homeowners frequently require this fuel for summer activities at home, such as entertaining guests or engaging in outdoor hobbies. This comprehensive article from Columbus Energies details the reasons to consider increasing your propane supply in the warmer months and the advantages of signing up for automatic propane delivery services.

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Why Keeping Sufficient Propane Supply is Important

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While the warmth of the summer sun may allow your heating system to rest, propane’s role in your home doesn’t pause. This versatile fuel is critical for operating several active appliances year-round, such as water heaters, pool heaters, kitchen stoves, clothes dryers, and outdoor grills

Secure a sufficient quantity to meet your household’s demands. The advent of summer gatherings and the arrival of guests for extended stays could escalate your usual consumption. Maintaining an ample reserve is crucial; a depletion of your propane supply can lead to significant interruptions in daily tasks and considerable inconvenience for your family. Ensure you don’t run out of propane to avoid such scenarios.

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Calculating Propane Use for Appliances

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To ensure an ample propane supply, estimate your fuel requirements accurately. Here are standard propane use rates for various propane-powered appliances:

  • Gas Stove: With a usage rate of 65,000 BTU per hour, expect to use between 5 and 10 gallons per month.
  • Propane Clothes Dryer: Operating at 35,000 BTU per hour, it uses less than 1 gallon daily.
  • On-Demand Water Heater: At 40,000 BTU per hour, the consumption is about 1.5 gallons daily.
  • Propane Pool Heater: Heating 21,000 gallons of water requires 4 gallons per hour.
  • Outdoor Propane Grill: Four burners in a medium setting consume approximately 0.75 gallons per hour.

Tailor the estimates to your appliances’ specifications. Multiply these figures by your household’s usage frequency. Confirm your propane tank’s actual capacity.

Why You Should Stock Up on Propane During the Summer Season

Stocking up on propane during the summer months comes with several advantages, such as:

Lower Summer Propane Prices

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In summer, propane suppliers aim to reduce inventory to make room for autumn and winter stocks, often resulting in lowered fuel prices. This reduction encourages customers to buy more, offering an excellent opportunity for savings. With these more attractive rates, households can indulge in extensive cooking without concern over excessive fuel usage. It is also the perfect time for washing and drying more significant quantities of clothes, curtains, bedding, and table linens without the concern of high fuel costs.

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Reduced Propane Delivery Costs

The ease and speed of deliveries during summer also contribute to lower fuel costs. Delivery services operate more efficiently without the challenges of navigating icy roads and inclement weather. This allows them to adhere to schedules more reliably and serve more customers within a shorter timeframe. 

The improved road conditions mean deliveries from depots to homes are quicker and less hazardous, enabling savings on delivery operations. These savings are often shared with customers, making summer an ideal time to refill your propane supply ahead of the winter demand.

Avoiding Propane Demand Spikes

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Although propane production continues year-round, its output is capped by the limitations of manufacturing plants and storage areas. With the arrival of colder weather, a surge in demand typically leads to higher prices. By stocking up during the less hectic summer months, when demand is comparatively low, you can secure all the propane you need without the stress of seasonal price hikes. This strategy ensures you have a sufficient supply to last through the fall and possibly into the winter.

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Why Opt for Automatic Propane Delivery

Propane delivery can be categorized into manual and automatic delivery services. Manual delivery necessitates placing a call each time your supply runs low, whereas automatic delivery operates effortlessly. The automatic delivery method relies on the delivery company’s assessment of your usual consumption, current weather conditions, and other consumption-influencing factors to determine an appropriate delivery timetable. Opting for automatic delivery is often more advantageous, offering several benefits:

Secure a Fixed Propane Rate

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Like many commodities, propane’s cost is subject to market fluctuations. Prices may be favorable now but could increase unexpectedly. By enrolling in an automatic delivery service, you can lock in a fixed rate for the duration of your contract. This stability makes financial planning simpler, allowing for straightforward budget management.

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Reduce Fuel Delivery Worries

With automatic propane delivery, concerns about depleting your fuel supply diminish. Deliveries are scheduled to ensure you have propane when needed, eliminating the need to constantly monitor your tank’s levels. This convenience allows you to dedicate your energy to other priorities.

Access Comprehensive HVAC Service Deals

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Many propane delivery firms offer the added benefit of bundled services, presenting a cost-effective package. By subscribing to automatic delivery, you might also gain access to discounted HVAC maintenance or repair services. The availability of such deals varies with each provider, so inquire directly with your local propane company for specific details. Click the link to view our heating and cooling services.

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Trust in Experts

While rough estimates can guide us, they may only sometimes hit the mark. These estimates overlook critical variables like the age, condition, and efficiency of your appliances, not to mention fluctuating weather patterns and other considerations. Professionals in the field are equipped to offer more precise assessments than homeowners might manage on their own. Moreover, they possess the adaptability to adjust estimates as circumstances evolve.

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Summer presents the perfect opportunity to reconnect with friends and relish your home’s outdoor amenities. Ensuring you have enough propane for all your activities is critical. Take advantage of lower prices during these months to economize significantly. Opt for a trusted propane delivery service that provides automatic refills, convenience, and peace of mind.

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Beyond propane delivery, we offer a comprehensive range of HVAC services to elevate your home’s comfort, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. Our offerings include expert heating and cooling system tune-ups, repairs, installations, and more. Don’t hesitate to call Columbus Energies today for your home comfort needs!

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