Looking to Go Off-Grid in Massachusetts? Propane Can Help!

off-grid-propaneWhatever your reasons for wanting to go off-grid, propane gas and propane-powered appliances can help. While some people might just think that propane is a viable solution for camping or backyard barbecues and fire pits, propane is growing in popularity because of its exceptional ability to be used in a number of unique and reliable ways.

Propane gas is a great energy source for homes that are in remote or non-traditional locations. Beachfront properties, secluded locations in the woods, even resort-style homes in exotic locations can all be served well by propane. Consumers who no longer want to be dependent on the national energy grid are also choosing propane when they go off-grid in Massachusetts. Whatever your lifestyle or location, propane can help you achieve your goals without having to rely on the natural gas main or local electricity provider.

Clean, Safe, Reliable Energy
Propane provides property owners with a clean and safe energy source that is reliable and efficient. From outdoor entertainment to household heat, chef-quality cooking to hot water on-demand, propane is a very smart energy choice. Houseboats, recreational vehicles, and campsites have counted on propane for many years to provide fuel for cooking, heating water, and temperature control. Propane gas home delivery now makes it possible to have all of the amenities you want wherever your home happens to be located.

There are also certain benefits to choosing propane gas home delivery and propane-powered appliances over traditional natural gas or electric options. Studies show that propane furnaces will actually last longer and provide a more even heat than electric heat pumps. The cost to provide hot water via a propane tankless water heater is much cheaper than a similar electric-based appliance. So whether your home is up in the hills, out in the woods or out by the sea, propane can supply you and your family with effective, efficient energy to run your propane-powered appliances and is a reliable, clean and safe energy source.

What Propane Can Do
In addition to providing energy for your barbecue, heating your home and water heating, there are many other ways that propane and propane-powered appliances can be beneficial to homeowners who want to go off-grid in Massachusetts. Propane is also excellent for drying clothes, indoor cooking, and other modern conveniences. Propane generators are also available that can work to keep everything in your home running without interruption, either as a back-up for primary electrical grid access or as the sole source of power.

Cooking – Propane powered appliances provide an instant gas heat that guarantees a much more precise form of temperature control for cooking and a much more even distribution of heat. This is why gas is the number one preferred method of cooking by top chefs all over the world. Electric cooking units, including ranges and cooktops, all take time to heat up and cool down. With propane its instant! In addition to cooktops and ranges, a wide variety of propane powered appliances are available for cooking, including deep fryers, convection ovens, grill tops and indoor griddles.

Dryers – The moist heat afforded by a propane powered gas dryer is much gentler on fabrics than an electric powered dryer. Your clothes will also dry much faster in propane powered appliances. Static cling and wrinkles can even be minimized in a propane powered dryer, saving homeowners who want to go off-grid in Massachusetts as much as 60 percent compared to the cost required to run an electric dryer.

Outdoors – In addition to barbecue grills, there are many other outdoor propane powered appliances that can help you to enjoy spending time outside of your home. Propane gas home delivery can provide a consistent energy source to power your kitchen, laundry, hot water and home heat, but it can also be delivered for use with modern flexible piping to create an amazing outdoor living and entertainment area. Lighting, spa heaters, fire pits, fireplaces, refrigerators and other patio appliances can all be powered by this clean and safe energy source.

As much as 90 percent of the propane that is supplied to consumers in the United States is produced right here at home. This makes propane gas home delivery, not just a clean, safe energy source, but also a truly domestic source of energy. Just about any location in the United States, including homeowners who want to go off-grid in Massachusetts, Rhode Island or anywhere in the northeastern states, has access to propane gas home delivery. Hiring a qualified, experienced technician to install above-ground or under-ground propane tanks and propane-powered appliances will ensure the best results.

Propane Gas Home Delivery Provides SAFE Energy to Your Home
The commitment of the propane gas home delivery industry to the safe handling of propane is what really makes all the difference for homeowners and commercial business owners nationwide. Through training, education and hands-on experience, the technicians who deliver your propane and install your propane-powered appliances work to guarantee the safety of you and your property.

The best way to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your propane-powered appliances and reduce consumption of propane gas home delivery is to get your new tank, appliances, and lines professionally installed. Columbus Energies provides a wide variety of propane related services, installations, inspections, maintenance and repair to our residential and commercial clients in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Upon delivery, our technicians will help you learn all you need to know about this clean, safe energy source, including how to detect potential leaks inside or outside of your home. A strong “rotten egg” scent is added to propane during the manufacturing process to make leaks easier to detect, creating a built-in safety for concerned homeowners. Avoid using lights, open flames, and cell phones until you leave the house if you notice this smell. Once you are outdoors and away from the home, report the leak at once to Columbus Energies.

Get Comprehensive, Quality Services at Columbus Energies
A residential maintenance program is available for customers of Columbus Energies. This service provides an annual inspection, year-round check-ups, maintenance, servicing, and repairs. Other programs and services are also available for propane gas home delivery, as well as sales and installation of propane-powered appliances. Call Columbus Energies today for a FREE consultation and to find out what it will take to get started with propane gas home delivery to help you and your family go off-grid in Massachusetts.