How Big Does My Home Propane Tank Size Need To Be?

image of a home propane tank depicting home propane tank sizes

One of the best fuels for home heating is propane. It is an efficient source of energy, helping homeowners save money and lower their environmental impact. Natural gas is delivered to a home through supply lines, while propane is stored locally in a tank that is located on the property. There are no fuel interruptions as long as homeowners are mindful of their propane tank levels. Having the right tank size is also an important consideration. But how do you choose the right propane tank sizes to meet your needs?

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How Big Does My Home Propane Tank Size Need To Be?

This article discusses several factors to consider when choosing a residential propane tank for your heating needs.

Size of the Home

image of a home that uses propane for home heating and appliances

If your home primarily uses propane for heating, the size of your home is one of the most crucial considerations. For instance, you typically need a 500-gallon tank if your home has a floor area of 2,500 square feet. The tank should be twice as large if the floor area is doubled. 

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Number of Propane-dependent Appliances

The initial estimate is primarily focused on heating requirements. If your home has other appliances that rely on propane, like the water heater, fireplace, stove, and clothes dryer, your fuel needs will rise. Consider all appliances that are powered by propane and adjust accordingly.

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Size of the Family

image of a family that uses propane for energy use

A large family utilizes propane-fueled appliances more than a small family. Daily fuel needs will vary. For instance, you should consider how often people cook meals, wash their hands, and take showers.

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Space Availability

Propane tanks are installed within the property, so homeowners must determine how much space is available. If you own an expansive yard, you should be able to fit a larger horizontal propane tank. On the other hand, small yards may need to install a vertical propane tank. Consult a reliable propane provider to learn more about your options.

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Location of the Home

image of a snow-covered house that uses propane

The propane needs also depend on the region’s climate. Some places experience harsher winters than others. Homeowners should also consider how close their house is to the propane supplier. If the deliveries are coming from far away, you won’t know how long it would take to deliver more propane during bad weather. This situation calls for a larger tank that can last longer.

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Why Do You Need to Find the Right Propane Tank Size?

Here are several reasons it is important to find the most fitting propane tank size for your home:

Avoiding Frequent Propane Deliveries

image of a columbus energy propane delivery

The propane will run out quickly if the tank is too small for the home. Propane deliveries will need to occur more often. This can be difficult and inconvenient when the weather gets bad. You can prevent this issue from happening with the right propane tank size.

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Minimizing Upfront Propane Fuel Costs

image of scissors cutting costs depicting propane fuel costs

Some homeowners may think that getting the biggest tank available prevents needing frequent propane refills. However, this isn’t always a practical move. Large tanks will require big spaces for storage. They will also need a substantial initial price to buy and install the tank. However, a larger propane tank can help you take advantage of minimizing propane expenses, as you can buy the fuel in bulk.

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Considering Safety Regulations

Propane is relatively safe. However, local governments are still cautious about tank installation. As a result, stricter regulations are in place for bigger tanks than smaller ones. Consider the feasibility of the tank installation with these rules in mind.

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What Do Home Propane Tank Sizes Refer To?

Tank sizes can be described in two ways. One is the liquid volume in gallons of fuel inside the tank. The other is the tanks’ weight in pounds when they are full. In each case, the tank can only be filled up to 80% of its capacity, as the other 20% is left as a safety buffer for expansion.

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What are the Common Propane Tank Sizes Available?

Here are the top propane tank sizes available:

  • 1LB Tank: This tank size is usually utilized for portable grills and camping stoves. They can be easily found in supermarkets and hardware stores.
  • 20LB/5Gallon Tank: This size is a good match for large BBQ grills. You can refill them at gas stations.
  • 33LB/8Gallon Tank: This tank size is enough to power forklifts, farm vehicles, and other demanding applications for a few hours. However, they are typically insufficient to use for home heating.
  • 100LB/25Gallon Tank: This size is enough to heat small homes and, at times, power several propane-fueled appliances. Frequent use can result in this tank size running out quickly.
  • 200LB/57Gallon Tank: This tank size provides a good fuel amount for small homes with significant propane needs. It lets you enjoy constant use with fewer worries.
  • 420LB/100Gallon Tank: This tank size can do more like warming up a swimming pool and keeping a fireplace lit for long periods.
  • 500Gallon Tank: This tank size is the most commonly used one for residential heating, cooking, showering, and other use. Its contents should last longer, but this also means the tank is bigger. These tanks require a 10-foot clearance on their perimeter to ensure safety.
  • 1,000Gallon Tank: Large homes may find a 500-gallon tank insufficient for their needs. Therefore, they can install a 1,000-gallon tank instead to fulfill the massive structure’s needs.
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You should be careful when selecting a propane tank size. What you choose will affect the installation cost and how reliable your home heating will be. Consider the needs of your home, including the number of family members and appliances. You should also consider the size and location of your home. Look for a tank size that will meet all your needs so you can use it for a long time. Consult a reputable and reliable propane provider near you to find the most suitable propane tank size to meet your needs.

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