How To Size A Standby Generator?

image of a house made of measuring tape depicting how to size a standby generator

Generators offer power during blackouts. They come in various types, each with distinct requirements and wattages. A prevalent kind is the whole-home generator. Many homeowners inquire about how to properly size these standby generators. Dive in further to find the answer, and equip yourself with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

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How Does a Generator Work?

image of a whole-house generator

Despite advancements in electricity supply, power systems are still vulnerable to issues like equipment failures, construction accidents, extreme weather, and surges in demand, leading to outages. This has increased reliance on generators, particularly during blackouts and in areas without grid access. Understanding how generators work is crucial in this context.

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Are You Ready for a Standby Generator?

If you live in the northeastern states you have first-hand knowledge of the power that nature can wield. The storms that homeowners in Massachusetts and Rhode Island have faced in the past couple of years have really made it clear that some type of back-up system is definitely warranted. Hurricane Sandy took out power to…

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